The warm temperature of the oven when baking bread, the warm temperature of the feelings of waiting moments,
the warm space, the warm gaze of people passing by looking at MONIQUE.
Warmed to warm temperatures, warm maker’s space create a warm temperature.

+ date : feburary ( 2019 )
+ location : gangnam , seoul
+ area : 16py

+ design : wanderlust team

빵을 구울 때 오븐의 온도와 그리고 그것을 기다리는 순간들의 온도,

모니크를 바라보며 지나가는 사람들의 시선이 주는 온도.

이 모든 따뜻한 온도들이 만들어내는 공간.

+ photo : Lee jae-sang





_Baking Studio


warmth of
+ oven with baking
+ feelings of waiting moment
+ the eye of the beholder







with its exterior reminiscent of a cafe,
is a baking studio with ample storage space.
The combination of
a full white-colored paint finish
and wine color
helps make the Atelier’s atmosphere
more cozy and warm.










: space with the warmth

# wanderlust team

# monique

# baking atelier

Atelier project : MONIQUE

warmth of even –

warmth of waiting moment –

warmth of beholders’ eye –


With ample storage space
and small flats
becoming a trend for interior design,
space efficiency has also come to mind
more than ever.
It’s the same in commercial space.

Although it is a small area,
the key of
making large space is
design that utilize storage space actively.

: the harmony of

white with wine and ivory

Color may be the key to people’s minds
in commercial space.
White-colored paint finishes,
wine-colored storage walls illuminated by rail lights,
and ivory-toned curtains
are in perfect harmony
and impressively remembered by people.

: 모니크 베이킹 아뜰리에

– white
: for modern and clear impression

– wine
: for boosting fresh and bright energy

– ivory
: for cozy and warm feeling

+ signature colors of MONIQUE

+ About Lightings

+ Rail lights
   that illuminate a cabinet
   designed with a regular pattern
   of rectangle

+ Indirect lights
   that shines subtly
   at the bottom of the table

The main feature of
Monique Atelier is
the lighting element
that is actively used.

The wine color is used
to make the walls brighter
with rail lighting
on the ceiling.

Indirect lighting,
located at the bottom
of the baking table,
subtly illuminating
the surroundings,
has also become a feature
of Monique,

Using the feature
that all three sides were made of glass,
it had to be easily exposed,
so space for display was prepared.
Outside of the curtain-covered baking space,
small tables, chairs and related objects
were placed to give space both fun and charm.



+ m o n i q u e : 0 0 1

+ m o n i q u e : 0 0 2

삼면이 모두 유리로 되어 있어 쉽게 내부가 노출된다는 점을 고려하여
전체 공간을 커텐으로 가려지는 베이킹 공간과 그 외 공간으로 구분지었다.
아이보리 컬러의 커텐으로 가려진 베이킹 공간은
외부로부터 시선이 차단되도록 하여 프라이버시를 완벽하게 존중하였다.

커텐 밖의 공간에는 작은 테이블과 의자,
그리고 아기자기한 오브제들을

배치한 디스플레이존을 만들어
내부가 쉽게 보이는 점을 활용하였다.

+ m o n i q u e : 0 0 3

Facade of MONIQUE

: Use three-sided glass
to make sure that the interior design
is expressed as outward as possible

The selection of finishing materials
and signature colors of Monique Atelier
makes space more cozy and warm.

The wine-colored storage
that satisfies both blocking eye sight
and ample storage
can be great feature of Monique.

It is a project
focused on satisfying
both the efficient
and the design aspects.