cafe interior

design by wanderlust

+location and date : yongin, korea, 2017

+area : 33py


A Moveable Feast "People I like but I don't know even thir name visit the cafe for enjoying their own time.The cafe would be proper for them to enjoy their own contemplation, because no one recognizes them.However, there are also the people who visit the cafe for hanging out with its customers."

Just like the cafe scene seen by Hemingway at the time,people still visit it for different reasons respectively. It becomes a reting place for someone and also working space for others.Sometines it become a meeting place and sometimes a hiding place.




Intangible Value

Customers who visit this space where warmness, refinde beauty and tranquil emotion in the simpleness coexist, are invited to immerse perfectly into the space definitely different from outside world.

따듯함과 여유로움을 느끼게 해주고 사려 깊은 친절함과자상함은 덤으로 공간 분위기와 공간속 모든 인간의 삶까지 담아 감성과 정성을 전하여무형가치의 품격을 느끼게 해주는것.

Considering its position, the designer's keen insight to differentiates itself with colorful stimuli is outstanding. the gentle attraction towards th cafe is not light.

Decorative elements are excluded strictly, and the insertion of light and variable forms that cover all parts of the space contributes to the formation of this cafe's own clear identity dominantly.


Always with your

This is minimalist bench furniture by wanderlust.
in your daily life, it can special serve as a bench.

That kind of space shich says "Hello Espresso"
when one suddenly feels missing a cup of coffee and dessert.